Clean Green

Clean Green

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Toothbrush Soft ~ Eco-friendly way to brush your teeth with handles 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable bamboo. 

Mild Mint Toothpaste ~ Packed full of healing ingredients like organic Aloe Vera, which soothes teeth and gums, and natural herbs for gentle oral care and fresh breath, it’s ideal for those with sensitive gums or mouth ulcers.

Hand Sanitising BarThis little gem will become your best bud as we all count to 20 and learn how to wash our hands the right way.

Shampoo BarThe combination of argan oil, shea butter and red clay gives this little pink bar superpowers to keep your locks luscious and silky smooth. 

Conditioner Bar ~ contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which deeply moisturises and penetrates the skin and hair, prevents moisture loss whilst locking in moisture from other ingredients in your hair products.