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This is a great gift bundle for when you are unsure what to buy for someone, like your mother-in-law!!

A sumptuous honey face cream filled with the superb restorative and protective benefits of Jelly Bush Honey. This includes anti-oxidants and humectant properties. Combined with organic jojoba and coconut oil, these intensely hydrating botanical oils and nourishing fatty acids will help soften and replenish. Especially great for sensitive, ageing and delicate skin types and also during cooler times of the year.

Paired with a revitalising Eye Cream rich in Vitamin A to aid in cell renewal, help brighten the skin and promote collagen production. Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Papaya Fruit Extract to gently refine the sensitive skin around the eyes. This skin brightening Eye Cream promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and puffiness whilst nourishing plant based oils give the delicate eye area a youthful glow.