The Face Duo

The Face Duo

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The face duo offers you the best of both worlds, leaving your skin exfoliated, fresh and nourished.  

This is one deliciously creamy, foamy facial cleanser. It's everything we wanted in a cleansing bar with nourishing ingredients and plastic free! The the ideal balance for a clean and hydrated face.

This Cleanser bar will last you such a long time, replacing 3 x 300ml bottles of facial cleanser, it's budget friendly and feels totally lush. The orange essential oil in this cleanser is really subtle and leaves you feeling uplifted and refreshed. 

What's a micro-bead? Tiny plastic beads commonly found in many mainstream facial exfoliants and cosmetics. Did you know that they NEVER break down? Yep, never! They end up in the oceans, having a devastating effect on oceans and marine life and even finding their way back into the food system. Crazy, right?! 

Seed & Sprout have been working on this product for a long time. These products offers a true exfoliating experience but micro-beads were switched for hemp seeds and natural pumice. The ideal exfoliation that really gets to work with leaving you feeling flawlessly fresh! 

INCLUDES: 1 x 40g Face Bar (cleanser) and 1 x 40g Scrub Bar (exfoliator) packed together in a clever little travel tin.