Un-Plastic Wrap

Un-Plastic Wrap

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Looking to walk a little lighter and give regular cling wrap the old heave-ho? But it's just so darn convenient? We hear you! But Cling Wrap is one of those products that is so handy, but harmful to the environment. For a product that has been designed to be used for just minutes, hours, or days - it lasts for years and years in landfill. 

Seed and Sprout have been working on this product for quite a while now and are so very happy to bring you easy to use, home compostable Un-Plastic Wrap.

Once you're finished using it, simply toss it into your home compost - it will break down in under 180 days, leaving behind no nasties. We hope you enjoy this revolutionary new kitchen staple!

Certified home compostable Un-Plastic Wrap contains 1 x 30m roll per box, with pre-perforated sheets every 30cm.